We understand what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive online environment
The growth of online sales will come not ONLY by building 100+ quality backlinks per month or just by somehow sending traffic to your website, at least not anymore as you might have already noticed. You can easily waste your marketing budget by assigning work to providers who promise just those services in order to grow your business. The problem with this focus is that rising competition in every online field is much more complex today.
Given these dynamics, a perfect user-friendly web with excellent on-page sales conversion rate and on-page SEO optimization is a must. In addition, you need to gain client trust quickly and set up a relationship with the client; again, this is absolutely crucial nowadays. If you have this combination then YES sending highly-relevant traffic to your web will boost your business. At VS Digital Media, we have vast experience using various strategies to achieve the above-mentioned fundamentals to grow your online business.

We work remotely but act as a part of your team
What does this mean? Our aim is always to provide a solution or advice that will benefit YOU as a client first, regardless of the size of the opportunity it presents for us, which creates an unbiased and honest approach.
We are used to working with third-party providers and can do so on your behalf, with your approval. We are also open to spending time with your existing team members, including a designer, programmer, person who uploads new e-products, content writer or other professional related to your online presence, when needed.
We are a small dedicated team and NOT a big outsourcing unit looking for fast profit.

Our prices are very competitive. Our hourly rates are closer to freelancer rates than to marketing agencies. However, there must be an understanding of realistic goals versus budget, to avoid mutual disappointments.

We have long-term clients
VS Digital Media has been providing online marketing services since 2007. The majority of our current clients have been with us several years and, over time, they have provided enough referrals that our sales efforts have always been minimal. This strategy has allowed us to concentrate more on existing project results and build our expertise, instead of using aggressive, expensive work-hunting tactics.
If this approach is similar to yours, we would love to hear from you. Please CONTACT US today.

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